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The World's Largest Provider of In-Store Fudgemaking Equipment, Ingredients and Expertise.


Not only a great business opportunity but a great profit generator in existing stores such as: Gift Shops,
Tourist Attractions, Department Stores, Craft Shows, Farm Shops, Garden Centres and Theme Parks.


Calico Cottage have thirty five years of experience in helping customers make and sell their very own cream and butter fudge has enabled us to develop one of the most complete in-store profit generating programmes in the gift trade today.

We started in America and have been in Europe for over ten years. We now manufacture our full range of ingredients and equipment in Cambridge, England.

The kettle is essentially a mixer with a thermostatically controlled heated water jacket.

The kettle tilts to enable fudge to be poured into a tray. The trays are lined with silicon paper.

The fudge is not very hot - only 50 centigrade - you can add marshmallows to it and they won't melt.

One kettleful of fudge makes six trays which is about 15Kg or about 220 at retail prices.

There are three basic fudge mixes from which all of the other flavours are made:

  • Plain (white)
  • Chocolate
  • Caramel
  • Each of these mixes is made in the same way. The machine that makes the fudge is called a kettle. One kettleful of fudge makes six trays of fudge weighing 2.5KG (6lbs) each. Once you have made a basic mix, you can make six different flavours from it. The full range of flavours is limited only by your imagination.
  • Fudgemaking is not labour intensive or highly skilled:

    If you make fudge for three hours per week, you will have sufficient fudge to turnover 22k per year. For half of that time the machine is mixing on its own and you can do other things.

    You can leave fudge in the kettle for many hours without ruining it. This lets you fit fudgemaking in around your day.


    Introducing the Calico Fudge Cart...
    Fudge sales are pure impulse - the more people who see the counter, the more fudge you will sell. Many retailers rely on their visitors passing by their fudge display which may only happen once or twice per day.

    Calico has designed a simple way to take your fudge to your customers, selling in different places throughout the day. The cart is robust and easily wheeled. It also dismantles and can be moved in an estate car if necessary.

    The deal . . .
    The cart is a business opportunity in it's own right or alternatively if you already have the Calico Programme, it is a great way to position a fudge display in the flow of your customers at key times. It is possible to take 200 per hour in the right location with a good flow of traffic.

    Fudge with a retail value of 1000 is included in the start-up package.


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